Your Outplacement Support Is Missing Something

Your Outplacement Support Is Missing Something

31/01/2020 Off By pauldrury

Caring for your people doesn’t have to stop when they hand in their resignation or you ask them to leave.

Some bosses might mentally switch off, and it is a sad fact that the HR department turns to box-ticking mode with the formalities of notice periods and redundancies, but most leavers are people who have likely given their all for the cause for a good few years.

They deserve more than emotional distance and contractual formalities.

That is why outplacement assistance is a genuinely worthwhile investment.

Helping your people to make the transition to their next work family is the right thing to do, and there are many excellent outplacement providers out there. They will help craft a CV to be proud of, offer coaching when decisions loom large, and a shoulder to cry on when things don’t turn out as planned. However, there is one problem….

The outplacement industry is run by outsiders.

Sadly, companies have no other choice but to pay other people to look after their “own.”

The moment that someone resigns or (more often) is asked to leave, the outplacement machine whirrs into life and their post-employment reality begins. Sure, these services are incredibly useful and undoubtedly valuable, but there is often little direct involvement from the employers at this point. I am not suggesting that they would not like to be more personally involved, there simply has not been the opportunity.

Until now.

Imagine sitting down at the table with your top HR team and managerial leaders and creating a book of advice for your departing employees. 50,000 words of job search advice from the heart, tapping into the experiences of everyone at the table. What would you want to talk about? What is congruent with your employer brand? What would give your people comfort as they take their nervous next steps?

Of course, you could sit down with a writer and ask them to write it for you, but, again, that is outsourcing the job. You are not choosing the words yourselves.

These are your people leaving. You should be able to choose the right words for them.

What if I told you that you could choose from a MILLION job search words?

From the JobWords Library.

Written by leading HR writer Paul Drury (42,000 followers on LinkedIn), the JobWords Library provides employers with a rolling annual licence to use 1,000,000+ words of job search content. Employers choose which of the 2,000+ blogs to share with their departing employees in branded e-books or email campaigns.

This is the future of job search content.

Rather than hope that your leavers stumble across the odd blog on social media (so many of them are rubbish), why not choose the blogs that you think will be most helpful from one of the most experienced HR writers in the industry?

Paul Drury has been writing and ghostwriting job search content for a decade, but the twist is that with the JobWords Library you can choose exactly which blogs “fit” for what you want to say to your people. The next best thing to writing it yourself.

Outplacement doesn’t have to be impersonal. Yes, you might have to read through a lot of (top notch) content, but by the end of the process you will have created a selection of advice that is uniquely yours and uniquely useful for your people.

Now that is what your outplacement is missing.