Your Dream Job Is Behind One of These Doors

Your Dream Job Is Behind One of These Doors

05/03/2018 Off By pauldrury

You never know whether a door is locked until you have tried to open it (with the obvious exceptions of public toilets and passenger plane exits).

Generally speaking, doors are there to be opened. They are not designed to be a permanent barrier, merely a relatively simple challenge for anyone who really wants to walk through.

But there are certain doors that we assume are not for us to open. We just don’t think that they will budge. You know when you push when it says pull…. something like that. People are scared of trying to open a door that might not open as they expect.

Future employers are a lot like this.

You see an amazing company like Amazon or Apple and you automatically assume that all of their employees are demi-gods. Their employer brand messaging is so polished and all of their people on their social feeds seem so damn experienced that you dismiss your chances of even walking up their front path, let alone trying the door.

That Apple door just isn’t going to open for someone like you.

And yes, at this moment in time that might be true. You might not be welcomed through the door for all sorts of reasons, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth trying to prize it ajar just that little bit to see what lies behind.

Getting your foot in the door today might only mean entering a few years down the line.

But if you don’t have a foot in the door, you will never enter.

When anyone looks at their career with a long-term vision, there are many things that they can do to open up possibilities for the future in such a way.

The importance of cultivating an authentic and compelling online presence is critical if you are to (gently) network with people in your industry. Social media has made it so easy to engage with people, and if you do it from a place of generosity when you are not asking for anything in return, people will be far more inclined to help you in the future.

Another idea is to be open-minded about where your future career might lie. Your activity today might not be what you are doing in five year’s time and as the world of work is disrupted by technology, whole new avenues of work are going to open up. Ensuring that your skills are relevant and future-proof will enable you to open doors that previously seemed impassable.

Lastly, getting your foot in the door implies that you have to take action. Over, and over again. Things won’t magically happen if you sit there wishing for them, and you have to have the resilience and determination to persevere if the handle turns and nothing happens. It might not be time for that particular door to open, but you (and the situation) will be different a little while down the line. If you keep growing, that is….

Doors are wonderful things – you never quite know what is behind them. Unless you open them that little bit and take a peek, you will never quite know.

Which doors would you like to try in 2019?