Why my Daughter’s Golden Goal Matters. To You.

Why my Daughter’s Golden Goal Matters. To You.

15/08/2018 Off By pauldrury

Everyone watching will remember that goal for a long, long time.

You may soon remember it too…. but for a different reason.

My daughter (pictured) is the Goal Shooter for her town netball team Saffron Hawks. On the 3rdJune 2018, they were up against the best teams from the East of England in the Tegate tournament. They won all six of their group games and got to the semi-final, where they played Wodson Park. No one expected what would happen next.

After eight minutes of normal time, the scores were level. Neither shooter was missing and it was a fiercely contested game. The whistle blew for full time and the umpires had to consult another official to see what to do next. After two minutes extra time still nothing could separate the teams. A further two minutes made no difference, so a sudden-death golden goal was the only remaining option.

The next team to score would win.

It was pure fortune that Hawks had the ball in their hands when the whistle blew. This meant that they had the final centre pass. They passed it calmly up the court into my daughter’s hands. I knew deep down that she would score. After hours of practicing with her in the garden, surely it was written in the stars….

When that ball swished into the net, everyone went wild.

But why should it matter to you?

Well, I am choosing to write about something that is close to my heart. I have written about my daughter’s netball in the past, and I am likely to again. If you are a semi-regular reader of my content, you might even remember my love of the game.Hopefully this isn’t the only thing a regular reader of my content would remember about me, but it is a start!

Now, I would like to look at things from a different perspective.

If I were to look at your LinkedIn profile or website, what would I remember?

No offense, but I bet most of it would be pretty boring.

Many of my ghostwriting clients work in the HR industry. When you are a person looking to do business with another person, you want to feel a connection with them.

Whether you are an HR Director looking to represent an authentic employer brand, or a Recruitment MD looking to reach clients and candidates on a more human level, telling stories is a perfect way to give others something to remember about you.

You will remember that I love netball and that my little girl scored a golden goal once.

That is the magic of storytelling.