Weekly #JobWords

Weekly #JobWords

Looking for a job can be a lonely time.

When you lose the stimulation of your daily work, it is like your mind goes into a deep freeze.

Exactly when you need it the most.

The weekly #JobWords ebook offers job seekers a crucial injection of inspiration and hope:

10,000 words to help you think again.

10,000 words to let you know you are not alone.

10,000 words to help you to find your path.

Each 40-page ebook contains twenty 500-word job search blogs - written by leading HR writer Paul Drury. With 42,000+ LI followers, Paul has been writing job search content since 2012.

He shares a new #JobWords ebook once a week with three types of subscribers:

Individuals seek different perspectives to illuminate their job search - insightful external stimulation can give them that crucial edge.

Recruiters share with candidates. They might not find them a job, but they can provide some thoughtful content to assist them on the way.

Employers share with any departing employees. 10,000 weekly #JobWords make a worthwhile addition to their outplacement offering.

5,200,000 words. Every. Year. 

Click one of the images on the right to read a slideshare example of the #JobWords.

Individual subscription is £1/week. 

Corporate subscription is £10/week.

For all enquiries, please email: paul@pauldrury.co.uk