Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Think About a Job Search

Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Think About a Job Search

12/02/2020 Off By pauldrury

I stood by the side of a netball court yesterday evening and watched my daughter’s U12 netball team win 99-5. Lizzie scored 90 goals. Boom #daddypride. As the still-warm sun gently disappeared below the horizon, everything seemed well with the world.

I slept like a baby last night.

I then woke up early this morning and sipped my coffee as I watched the sun rise up to greet me. That feeling of contentment was still there, but somehow it wasn’t only about the netball anymore.

Maybe it is because we are off on a short break to Jersey with my parents and my brother’s family? Maybe it is my “happy” hormones kicking in because it is getting lighter in the mornings? Could it simply be that Friday feeling?

Or maybe I am feeling good about life because summer is just around the corner….

Yep, that is it. Who doesn’t enjoy the summer?

For me, it is a time of long walks and outdoor laughter with my family. A time when life slows down just a little and I have the chance to contemplate my place in the world. I’m sure that we all do that little bit more thinking over the lazy long weekends and summer breaks – our minds just have that little bit of extra room to wander.

Which is why the summer months are an ideal time to consider changing jobs.

Of course, few job searches can be perfectly planned to start in September. There are many factors which influence the timing of any change, but if we all had the choice, I suspect that starting a search after a summer of contemplation would be preferable for many.

And every job search should be well thought through.

Now, this isn’t a blog about how to prepare for a job search, and I definitely won’t bore you with all the obvious groundwork that needs to be done before you can attend those first interviews. What I want to say is that starting a search is often a conscious choice, and while the summer is a perfect time to start preparing, somehow too many job seekers still mentally take the summer “off” and only start thinking about potential changes in mid-August.

That is a huge missed opportunity in my book.

50% of you reading this blog will be thinking about changing jobs. Maybe 30% will actually change jobs over the next year. If it is in your control, why not use this summer to plan out how your approach your search? Take the time to think, make yourself shine on social media, connect (and engage) with anyone who might be able to help, and maybe most importantly of all take a mental trip to a better future.

When you wander along the beach this summer, look at everyone around you. They might look like they are blissfully relaxed, but under the hub their minds will be renewing and refreshing for the next push when they return to normality.

If you direct your thoughts towards your job search during such a period, you will develop a unique sense of clarity and purpose to power the next step in your career.

Summertime thinking is the best kind of thinking.

Especially if you are about to look for a job.