7 Reasons to Care About Rejected Candidates

7 Reasons to Care About Rejected Candidates

30/01/2020 Off By pauldrury

“Your application has not been successful on this occasion.”

As job seekers across the world read these sterile words in countless impersonal one-line emails, hopes of a future that could have been fade away…. maybe never to return.

It feels devastating.

I instinctively want to use a stronger word than devastating. The strongest word. Depressing. I think that we have all felt that momentary crush of rejection. When you receive such a response, dark clouds gather.

Discouraged applicants may not apply again. Disappointed candidates will likely talk to others about their experience. Disheartened job seekers will take a knock to their fragile confidence. Your employer brand will be damaged.

Opportunity missed. Care more.

Anyone who applies for a role has invested time and effort, so, no matter what the circumstances of their rejection, it is my view it is incumbent on employers to do all that they can to soften the blow.

Here are seven reasons to care about your rejected candidates more:

They may be future employees / placements. Someone might not be a fit for a certain role, but candidates should feel confident enough to apply again if circumstances change. Feeling that an employer cares will diminish their fear of repeated rejection.

An opportunity to engage your talent pool. There are limited chances to make a genuine difference to your talent pool. Going the extra mile for your rejected candidates will create goodwill, build a social media base, and strengthen your employer brand.

It makes your people feel good, not guilty. Imagine how HR teams and hiring managers must feel when they are forced to reject countless applicants? If you think that they are unmoved, you are mistaken. Assisting rejected candidates will make them feel good.

Support your candidates’ self-esteem. Rejection follows the physical pain pathways in the brain – neurologically speaking, rejection hurts. Especially if the employer ghosts them. It is a business decision to reject them, but it is a human decision to support them.

Become part of their journey. Securing a new job is a momentous achievement in anyone’s life. You may have closed one door, but if you assist your rejected candidates on their job search journey, the gratitude that they will feel will live long in the memory.

Your competitors likely won’t care. Any competitive advantage should be seized upon in the war for talent. Not many employers will believe in the benefits of caring about their rejected candidates. Even fewer will do something about it. Be a leader and be better.

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