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I help recruiters to explore the human condition.

Recruitment marketing isn't about viral success anymore. When a client looks at your website and sees the last blog was in 2015, what do they think?

I've been writing about people since 2012 - my personal blogs attracted over 42,000+ LI followers.

Rolling 12-blog agreement - £150 per blog

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Social Recruiting

Candidates know that they will be found on social media. That is the recruitment playing field.

In times of high-employment, candidates are selective in their choice of recruitment partner.

When a recession appears on the horizon, clients won't work with an unknown quantity.

A recruiter's social presence is a key consideration in making these decisions. As technology handles the more mundane tasks, being seen as "human" is more important than ever.

Myth of Inbound

Recruitment is Marketing.

While that is undoubtedly true, only a select few recruiters got onto the content train early enough to build an audience.

For the majority, static blogs won't create many inbound leads. There are countless better ways of being found.

However, once a prospect is on a recruiter's website, they will certainly have a look around. Blogs are now a sales tool. You can say what you think when a blog doesn't need to go viral.

I Was a Recruiter

I have been ghostwriting blogs for recruitment leaders and HR Directors since 2012.

Before that, I was a recruiter for five years. I ran my own business until the recession and then worked for Antal in Moscow (I speak Russian).

Having been a recruiter, I feel your pain. I do, I really do. I remember it like yesterday.

Not many people have been ghostwriting for recruiters for 8 years. Far fewer were recruiters themselves before that.