HR / Recruitment Blog Ghostwriting

Paul Drury has been ghostwriting blog content for employers, recruiters and job seekers since 2012. While Paul is writing 500+ blogs in 2021 for the JobWords Library, his ghostwriting continues.

Blog Ghostwriting for Employers

When you have thousands of hopeful candidates bookmarking your careers page in the hope that a job may become available one day, it is a shame not to have anything helpful to share with them. The hundreds of candidates who are rejected for roles with you every month are in need of an even more caring approach. In terms of looking after your own people, off-boarding and outplacement support has never been more important for an employer's brand when redundancies loom.

The best employers engage with their talent pipelines in the lean times to make sure that they are in the best position to come out of the blocks on the other side. This is the reason for the JobWords+ licence. For employers who want more bespoke content, blog ghostwriting is the next step.

£180 per 600-word blog. 5-blog rolling agreement.

Blog Ghostwriting for Recruiters

It puzzles me when recruiters insist on only writing client-centric content. They are at the sharp end of the industry, yet they often leave it to career coaches and resume writers to share content for candidates. Come on recruiters, recruitment marketing is about candidates too.

I have been ghostwriting blogs for recruiters since 2012 and although all are confidential, I am able to share a couple of past client examples (with permission).

£180 per 600-word blog. 5-blog rolling agreement.