Late EX – OutplacementWords

Late EX – OutplacementWords

Employers ignore the departing employee experience at their peril.

Outplacement services are often an EX afterthought.

But while employers might offer outplacement support to a certain level of employee, outplacement services are not typically targeted to help every leaver. Career transition assistance should not be reserved for senior managers.

Joining the OutplacementWords Library ensures outplacement support for everyone, not just the select few.


Choose from 300 job search blogs for your departing employees 

Repurpose the content in the image of your employer brand.


Choose only the blogs that you feel will resonate with your people.

Amend the blogs if you want to add or remove any content.

Brand the blogs with your employer brand - however you wish.

Record audio or video using any of the OutplacementWords content.

Translate the blogs into other languages for your global employees.


Unlimited Licence - £6,000 for 180,000 words - 300 blogs

(For comparison, 300 bespoke blogs would cost a client £60,000 at my current HR ghostwriting rate).


Contact: for more details and 50 blog examples.


OutplacementWords blogs are not available online, apart from the examples on this website. Strictly internal use for the outplacement content only.


OutplacementWords blogs are all written by HR writer Paul Drury.