Outplacement Blogs

I help job seekers to communicate their worth by crafting a meaningful blog for their LI profile.

CVs and cover letters limit your ability to express who you are. My ghostwritten blog adds an extra layer of depth to a job seeker's application.

I work exclusively on an outplacement basis.

£200 per blog (rolling 12-blog agreement)

Get in touch: paul@pauldrury.co.uk

Job Seeker Blogs

A CV has traditionally been the key source of information about a candidate. However, social media is increasingly informing hiring opinions.

A carefully-crafted blog can take control of the narrative and influence the views of potential employers,

Blogs let job seekers showcase their personality in a way that a CV never will.

If published on LinkedIn, this blog is very visible at the top of the profile page.

Personality Matters

If you had 500 words, what would you want a potential employer to know about you?

I guess that those words would differ somewhat from those on your CV and cover letter.

A blog is not only a hugely visible addition to your LI profile, it is an opportunity for every job seeker to showcase who they are.

p.s. while video seems to be taking over the recruitment world, words remain a powerful medium to convey emotions.



As an employer who wants to help their departing employees find a new role, offering quality outplacement assistance can make all the difference.

Most people are able to cobble together a CV and cover letter, but far from all would have the courage to write a blog.

This is a missed opportunity.

My outplacement clients purchase a package of twelve blogs. I work on a one-to-one basis with the job seekers who choose to participate.