Early EX – JobWords

Early EX – JobWords

Engaging with potential employees is a new frontier for EX.

Future employee experience.... even if they don't end up joining. Yet.


In a world where the best candidates have a choice of employer, talent acquisition teams need to keep their talent pools warm.

Being there for them with job search advice (when they need it) is a great way of adding value.


Employers share 200 job search blogs from the JobWords Library with potential employees and unsuccessful candidates - 120,000 words of job search advice by HR Writer Paul Drury.

JobWords Library members enjoy industry exclusivity within their respective countries within 16 broad industry categories. Get in touch to see if there is availability in your industry sector.

There is country exclusivity within the following sectors: Communication Services, Consumer, Education, Energy, Financials, Healthcare, Hospitality, Industrials, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Materials, Pharmaceuticals, Professional Services, Real Estate, Retail, Transportation.


Exclusive Licence - £2,000 for 120,000 words - 200 blogs

(For comparison, 200 bespoke blogs would cost a client £40,000 at my current HR ghostwriting rate).


Contact: paul@pauldrury.co.uk for more details and 50 blog examples.


JobWords blogs are not available online, apart from the examples on this website. They should not be shared on social media.


JobWords blogs are all written by HR writer Paul Drury.