Monthly #JobWords I

Monthly #JobWords I

I write a PDF ebook of 30 job search blogs (approx. 15,000 words) every month for recruiters to share with their candidates and employers to share with departing employees.

The #JobWords by Paul Drury.

Recruiters need regular and quality content to inspire their candidate base (and remain front of mind).

Employers want to take care of their departing employees as well as sharing engaging content with their talent pool.

The way #JobWords works offers maximum impact for minimal investment.

I am the most followed HR Ghostwriter in the world with 42,000+ followers on LinkedIn and have ghostwritten over 5,500,000 job search words for my clients since 2012. That is a lot.... I love it.

I select 30 personal blogs every month to include in the ebook, which include the brand of each individual client on every page.

There is exclusivity by industry and by country to ensure that there is a competitive advantage.

Clients pay £200 per month for the exclusive usage rights to share 15,000 words of compelling job search content with their candidates or employees.

Content is a huge driver of engagement in the HR industry.... imagine how these people will feel about your brand when they are inspired to find their next job as they read the #JobWords?

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