Interim Blogs

I help interims to share how they add value.

When a client is spending £350-800 a day on an interim (from any industry), they need to know that they are hiring the right person for the job.

I've been writing about people since 2012 - my personal blogs attracted over 42,000+ LI followers.

Rolling 10-blog agreement - £150 per blog

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Industry Insights

How often do you read a piece of content and wish that you were able to share your thoughts with the world?

Interims are often deep and narrow in their expertise, but beyond the odd social media comment, this knowledge is doomed to remain hidden.

Contributing to your industry with thought-leadership content will raise your profile.

I help interims (across all industries) to work out what is worth talking about.

Are You Worth It?

There are a LOT of interims out there who say that they can do the same thing as you. How do you differentiate yourself?

Future clients are going to be spending £350-800 a day on your services. Your track record will matter, but with a wealth of choice, interims need to seize every opportunity to show that they are worth the investment.

Compelling content means standing up to be counted.

Or you could just sit there quietly and potentially lose out.

Staying in Touch

Timing is everything when you win an interim assignment.

Being on the radar of the right client at the right time does not have to be a matter of luck. A monthly blog shared with an engaged network is more than enough to be kept in the loop.

A successful interim is adept at maintaining a healthy pipeline of work - interesting content will ensure a steady stream of opportunities keep coming.

As with any B2B profession, interims are marketeers too.