Four FREE (Totally New) Recruitment Marketing Tactics

Four FREE (Totally New) Recruitment Marketing Tactics

03/05/2018 Off By pauldrury

As the spectre of a potential downturn haunts the globe, recruitment businesses are understanding that the last few years of QE-fuelled headcount growth are gradually coming to an end.

Certain recruiters have ridden the accompanying social media wave to build an engaged audience whose loyalties may be called upon when times get harder. However, many, many others have ignored social media entirely. When the roles are flowing and the employment market is (slightly too) healthy, inbound traffic isn’t hard to come by.

As a potential recession starts to bite in 2019, these laggards are caught between a rock and a hard place.

They don’t have the money to invest in building their online presence.

But, without an online presence, they won’t be able to use content for its true purpose – to help them make sales (not just fluffy marketing).

I have been ghostwriting recruitment content for the past seven years, but even I can see that soon recruiters will have better things to spend their money on than marketing, so I am transitioning to write outplacement content. Writing for candidates is actually immensely satisfying.

As a parting gift to recruiters, I would like to share four ways (with my assistance) in which they can reach out to their prospects for zero financial outlay:

Exposure. Community. Advice. Content.

Exposure. Sponsor my daily job search blog at The law of reciprocity holds true in the online space, so in exchange for a few daily social shares and likes for the blog, sponsors have their photo and a link to their LI profile on my blog. 42,000 followed my blogs on LinkedIn - people like my writing. With a critical mass of (free) sponsors regularly supporting the blogs, you will have more visibility here than anywhere else online.

Community. Join a supportive community of like-minded recruiters. I will be working hard to not only write the content, but also to ensure that my sponsors are able to grow their respective networks are efficiently as possible. A rising tide lifts all boats. It might be a sensible decision for sponsors to join forces and help to like and share each other’s social updates. When audiences grow, my blog’s audience grows, and thus their exposure grows. Everyone wins. I will be actively encouraging such cooperation.

Advice. Seeking out expert advice can come at a significant cost, but I have a vested interest in ensuring that my sponsors are as successful as possible on social. I am a firm believer that distribution is just as important as the content itself, and having written over 6000 client blogs over the past six years (yes, really, at an average of 20 a week), I think that I have learned a few lessons that I am very happy to pass on. Sponsorship is a partnership, and I intend to make it worthwhile for my partners (I won’t charge a penny).

Content. Yes, you heard me correctly. You can even get some expertly-written recruitment marketing content for free. Recruiters are uniquely positioned to refer individual candidates who may need job search content, so for every candidate referred, I write a free 500-word blog for the referrer. This is already proving popular, so I am only accepting referrals from my sponsors.