Five Reasons Why You Should Walk Away From a Job Offer

After all those hours of preparation, interviews and shredded nerves, that magical job offer finally lands in your inbox.  

But something inside you doesn’t feel quite right.

As you read the text and scan through the detail, shouldn’t you be feeling happier?

Any job hunt can confuse emotions and blur priorities, but I would suggest that if you are not at least 95% sure that it is the right job for you, then, as long as your financial situation allows for it, you owe it to yourself to hold out for “the one.”

Here are five nagging reasons why people might choose to walk away from a job offer:

Doubts about the rapport with your future manager.

Our gut is a proven vital source of basic instinct, and when we can’t quite put our fingers on why something doesn’t “feel right,” there is usually a reason why. If you have initial doubts about your rapport with your future boss, it is worth analysing why you are hesitant. First impressions can deceive, but ignore the power of a “blink judgement” at your peril.

The job spec has changed significantly from when you first applied.

If your future employer is so unsure about the scope of your role, how do you know that the goal posts won’t shift once you have started. You are making one of the biggest decisions in your career, something that is hard to walk away from one you have started, so maybe ask a few more questions to tighten the definition of the role before you take the plunge?

You are told the salary offer is non-negotiable. And it isn’t what you asked for.

Paying someone what they are worth is a no-brainer if you want them to be motivated to stay for the long-term. If you are offered less than you asked for, there may be many reasons, but at the heart of the matter remains the fact that they likely don’t value you enough. Employers can nearly always offer more for the “right” person, no matter how they might protest.

Your partner is probing your motivation that little bit too much.

It is all too easy to lose our sense of self in a job search, so it is sometimes useful to lean on those that know us well to give us a sense of perspective. If our partners are asking us a few too many questions about whether a certain role is a fit, maybe we should explore the reasons why for ourselves.

You have another offer pending that you think might be better for you.

Now, this is probably the biggest spanner in the works of all. Imagine yourself fantasising about another woman (or man) on your wedding night…. Hardly a positive sign for the impending marriage, is it? The offer that is pending might well fall through, but if you think that is better for you, then there will be other better opportunities that follow in its wake.

The grey areas between all of the above and many more factors will ultimately influence your decision, but if more than one of these warning signs are flashing, maybe it is worth having another think?

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