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I help employers to engage their talent pipeline.

The best investment that an employer can make is in their future talent. Technology can find and track them, but only content will keep them warm

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Pipeline Not Pool

There are a lot of talented people out there who would love to work for your business.

Do you know who they are? Do they know when you might have a potential role for them?

I can tell you one thing: they would love the opportunity to peer behind the corporate facade before they apply.

A talent "pool" is typically stagnant and largely useless. A talent "pipeline" is a dynamic conveyor-belt of future stars who know why they are there.

Define Your Brand

When you share who you are and what you believe in, there is an internal as well as an external audience. You will engage your current people as well as your future hires.

When employees buy into this message, they will become advocates. There is nothing more powerful, but they need great content to unite behind.

Including key employees in the content creation process gives a unique sense of ownership.

What stories would you tell?

Improved Retention

The right people will happily stay with you for a long time.

One of the main challenges with recruitment is ensuring that top talent is retained. The seeds of poor retention are sown in the hiring process and the cost is eye-wateringly high.

When people decide to join a company, the more that they know about the company, the better informed their decision.

The impact on your bottom line by creating authentic employer brand content will be stunning.