The Dangers of Gaming During Your Job Search

The Dangers of Gaming During Your Job Search

27/03/2020 Off By pauldrury

I assume that you are most likely long past the spotty teenager stage, but the fact remains that a huge percentage of “adults” are also easily seduced by the addiction of gaming.

The thing is that gaming tends to get the endorphins flowing. I must admit that I play the odd game of Fortnite with my son, and the thrill of sniping someone from long distance can’t be denied. Granted, there are many other pleasures in life, but if (say) you are home alone looking for a job because you have recently been made redundant, the temptations of Fortnite or the mobile game Golf Clash (another of my guilty pleasures) are hard to resist.

When you are feeling down, they are somehow an enjoyable distraction. However, the phenomenon of “just another game” can divert your attention for hours on end if you are not mindful. It is healthy to have a break between all the job search activity, but when the break becomes an (unhealthy) habit, something needs to be done.

It is not as if gaming is much good for you anyway. If you need a break, take a walk around the block, have a relaxing bath or dance around the room to your favourite tunes for a while. Sitting on your backside escaping into a virtual world will not do you any good – physically or psychologically.

Gaming zombies won’t be mentally prepared for what lies ahead.

There is an undeniable need to find activities which offer a suitable sense of achievement during a long and sometimes arduous job search. We are used to going to work with goals to hit and targets to beat. If we are at home with no such sense of direction, or if we are still nominally working but just not hitting those targets, it is so tempting to seek out more virtual sources of success.

There is much to be said for splitting a job search into achievable goals – how many CVs sent in a week, how many conversations with hiring managers, how many interviews, etc. However, no job search is linear and there may be weeks on end where there isn’t much to be cheerful about. This is where we might tend to seek out pleasurable distractions to fill the void, and it is where some of us might fall into the rabbit hole of gaming.

Once you fall in there, it isn’t so easy to climb out again.

There is one suggestion that I can make:

You have to tell yourself that you should expect to “stand still” for a while during a job search. Far from every day will bring success your way, and if you have patience and realise that the right opportunity is worth waiting for, you will be far less likely to seek ways of making yourself feel better.

You don’t have to be a red-hot daily “achiever” in a job search. Some days you will have successes, but others will be a little quieter.

Escaping into a world of gaming for the adrenaline rush won’t do you any good at all.

Find the right balance between job search, exercise, nutrition and socialising, and you will find that you are in a perfect frame of mind.

Just stay away from the games console or your phone.