Sponsor This Blog (Free)

Sponsor This Blog (Free)

Recruiters and employers need to maintain a regular level of quality activity on social.

Coming up with original content is essential (hence my blog ghostwriting services have been in demand since 2012), but you also need a few other sources of content to curate. LinkedIn's algorithm rewards people who engage with other content with likes, shares and comments.

Great content is not so easy to find on a daily basis.

I have been writing blogs since 2012, for myself and for my ghostwriting clients. 42,000 people followed me after 100+ blogs on LinkedIn, and now I am writing a daily job search blog on this website.

I feature logos of global recruiters on my blog - a growing number of which are starting to share the blog on their socials. Why not share great content with your logo on it?

Especially if it is free.

It could be the best investment that you make on social media this year.

If you want your logo to be included, email: paul@pauldrury.co.uk