Here’s the Best Birthday Present You’ll Get Today

Here’s the Best Birthday Present You’ll Get Today

05/09/2019 Off By pauldrury

When you think about it, celebrating the day that you came into the world seems a little self-indulgent if viewed from a personal perspective.

“Hey world, aren’t you lucky you have me.”

Thankfully, most of us view birthdays differently.

It is one day every year when we have a duty to reflect on the difference that we make to others. I am a big believer in the “butterfly effect” of human interaction, and while there may be many people who are aware of the gifts we bring to their lives, there are countless others whom we have touched in a far more oblique way.

It requires a bit of imagination, but we reach more people than we think.

In the hustle of everyday life, that thought seems a little superfluous. We only have time to assess how we are impacting those immediately around us (and even then, we probably don’t do the best job). Like a racehorse wearing blinkers, we only see the impact of our actions on those right in front of us.

You are probably reading this blog because we are connected on LinkedIn. I wanted to write something to send to all my connections to give them a birthday “present” of a message on their special day. But actually, this isn’t the present.

YOU are the present. To everyone that you touch.

And this is the day to take an extra few minutes to think about your worth to others.

Realising that you are worth (that little bit) more than you think is the biggest present that you can receive.

In a world where the disease of mental ill-health is creeping up on all of us, boosting our self-worth is the equivalent of putting on an invincibility shield.

We all matter. YOU matter.

On your birthday, of all days, it is so important to take a moment to think about that.

This is why I am writing this blog.

I don’t expect everyone to be blown away by what is a pretty obvious statement, but for the odd person who is having a tough time (and there are more of us than you know), nudging them to think about how they matter is my way of making a difference. Hey, if I touch just one person out of a hundred, that’s good enough for me.

Unplug from everything for 20 minutes today.

Think about the chance encounters and fleeting moments of connection of the past year. For whatever reason, some people might remember you more than you remember them.

Amongst all those long-forgotten people, there may even be a few who will remember you for ever. Hopefully for a good reason.

THAT is why you matter.

Happy birthday.