Be The Change. Until You Decide Not To.

Be The Change. Until You Decide Not To.

27/08/2020 Off By pauldrury

When you are looking at making a change in life, you owe it to yourself to give it everything that you have got.

Certain motivational speakers suggest that you “be the change.” I guess this means that when you focus your mind on the person you would like to become, the process of becoming that person gets that little bit easier. Visualisation. You’ve heard about it, right?

But what if you then decide that you actually don’t want to be that person?

Is your visualisation so compelling that you convince yourself that there is no other option? Do your reasons for change run so deep that you decide that anything different would be an improvement? Are the twists and turns of your journey so complicated that you can’t envisage any way back?

Is it even possible to press the reset button and go back to the way things were?

Some might argue that things will never be the same, but there are certain circumstances where simply “not changing” might still be a valid next step on the journey too. Your outlook on life will have been affected by your attempts at change, but if your eventual reasons for not changing are sound enough, there is every chance of picking up where you left off.

If you are contemplating a job search (whilst still in employment), it can get to the point that you have put so much effort in that you have convinced yourself that you have to leave. Sure, there will be valid reasons for leaving, but if they are not compelling enough, then stepping back and seeking to improve the status quo is not such a bad decision either.

Swallow your pride and realise that deciding not to change is also part of the journey.

Sometimes that breakthrough that you need to move forwards might be just around the corner and standing still for a while longer might be exactly what you need.

The interesting thing about a job search is that you can almost get “bounced” into changing jobs. You might have a range of potential interviews on the horizon, but the moment that you get your first job offer, the pressure to accept suddenly ramps up a couple of notches. The way back seems distant and the way forward uncertain. You are forced into a transition from “being the change” mentally to “becoming the change” in reality.

Even in the face of multiple job offers, you have to remember that you nearly always have a choice. If you are searching for a role whilst in a current role, you can always decide to stick with what you have got for the moment.

It is a brave decision, but if you channel your energy into making your “old” situation a little better, making no move may be your best possible move.