Month: June 2019

Ice-Cream Can’t Choose Not to Melt

When ice cream is taken out of the fridge, it changes its state. I find that it usually takes a couple of minutes to go from “so rock hard that you’re going to bend the spoon” to “the spoon slips in so nicely that it would be rude not to have another.” However, if you…

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6 Mindfulness Tips For Your Job Search

So, work isn’t going so well, huh? Maybe you’ve not been working for a while now? It’s a pretty hard place to be. Your head is filled with doubts, fuelled further with well-meaning but unsolicited advice from friends and relatives which clouds the issue yet more. With all these different thoughts and different choices, it…

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Nine Steps to Dismiss Disappointment

Disappointments are an entirely natural part of a fulfilling life. When your hope or expectation of something is not met, you feel let down. However, if you are shooting for the stars, disappointment should be your friend – it gives you a renewed focus on your path. There is nothing like a short, sharp shock…

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