Hi, I'm Paul. I write for people about people.

I have been writing and ghostwriting HR and recruitment content since 2012 and was one of the top HR blog writers on LinkedIn from 2014-2017. Until recently, I have thankfully been fully occupied with my ghostwriting clients.

However, anticipating the economic disruption in the wake of the pandemic, and alongside my ongoing client work, I have decided to start writing (in my name) for job seekers again. I have missed it.

The free JobWords App (on the App Store and Play Store) shares 30 monthly job search blogs with subscribers, as well as a six-month content archive (£6.99/mth) that will begin in 2021.

JobWords Licensed Content members enjoy a rolling monthly licence on Patreon to use 400,000+ words (750+ blogs) of new job search content every year for £350 / month. They select the content that resonates with them to create their own employer / recruiter branded ebooks and email campaigns. 50% of the content is from the JobWords app, with the other 50% exclusive for Patreons.

I hope that my JobWords might make a difference in the world.