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Hi, I'm Paul. I write for people about people.

I have been writing and ghostwriting HR and recruitment content since 2012 and was one of the top HR blog writers on LinkedIn from 2014-2017. Until recently, I have thankfully been fully occupied with my ghostwriting clients.

However, anticipating the economic disruption in the wake of the pandemic, and alongside my ongoing client work, I have decided to start writing (in my name) for job seekers again. I have missed it.

Written by leading recruitment writer Paul Drury, the free JobWords by Paul Drury app (on the App Store and Play Store) shares 30 new job search blogs every month, with a JobWords ebook to come in 2021.

The app includes an interview storyboard feature that allows job seekers to plan their individual interview stories and an interview questions notepad to help organise their answers. The JobWords forum is a place to discuss burning job search questions and there is a curated video library with the best of YouTube job search content.

JobWords Licensed Content members purchase a rolling monthly licence on Patreon to use 400,000+ words (750+ blogs) of new job search content every year for £350 / month. They select the content that resonates with them to create their own employer / recruiter branded ebooks and email campaigns. 100% of the content is exclusive to Patreons - there is no duplication from the JobWords app.

I hope that my JobWords might make a difference in the world.