I'm Paul. I write for people about people.

I have been ghostwriting content for recruiters and employers since 2012. 42,000+ followed my content on LinkedIn, but I now write my personal blogs here.

I continue to ghostwrite 500-word blogs for recruitment leaders and employer brands, but my current focus is on my two monthly #Words ebooks.

HR Directors or owners of recruitment firms subscribe to the #MindWords and share within the HR department or with their recruitment employees. Recruiters and Talent Acquisition leaders subscribe to the #JobWords to engage and inspire their candidate pipeline and network.

Subscription fee £50/mth per ebook:

#MindWords offers insights into mental wellness, behavioural science and the pursuit of workplace happiness - specific to those who work within HR and recruitment. Working in a "people" industry brings unique challenges.

#JobWords shares valuable job search advice for anyone who might be contemplating a move. This authoritative content is perfect to include as part of your content marketing or employer branding.

Here are #10wordsaboutme. Please do get in touch: paul@pauldrury.co.uk