Will You Follow the Path of Darth?

In every circle of life, there are those who are that little bit more sensitive to what is going on around them. In Star Wars terms, they have a few too many “midi-chlorians” in their cells – thus they are able to sense (and in some cases manipulate) the fluctuations of the force.

This sensitivity is a pretty rare occurrence, and people choose to harness it in two ways. They can either seek to live in harmony with the “way things are,” encouraging others to follow their lead. Alternatively, they might choose to channel the force into a new direction, creating an alternate reality for themselves and ultimately for others.

I personally do not believe that nature intended us to sit passively by and accept the way of things. Disruption has been a thread throughout our evolutionary journey – without it, we wouldn’t be here today. Why, therefore, are people so scared of change?

I am not suggesting that we follow the path of Darth (hey, that rhymes) to the end. His passions allowed his fear to consume him until his final redemption, and essentially he became a puppet of the Dark Side, the ultimate disruptive influence in the Universe. He went too far in his desire for disruption and maybe even took his son with him.

However, if we sit passively by and float along with the “natural way of things”, we will lose any control over the direction of our lives. No one wants to be at the mercy of the currents, especially when the rapids are approaching with their hulking boulders and jagged rocks. Simply get out of the river and walk around them. Well, actually it isn’t that simple, but that is what you have to do to give yourself the best chances of survival.

I must admit to admiring the rebels of life, those who seek to bend the rules while still broadly playing the game. They believe in a better way, they do it for the right reasons (not the wrong ones), and they do it for the good of the collective, not just for their own benefit.

Some of the people reading this blog will have opened it because of the Darth Vader picture. They are drawn to him for some reason. They don’t associate with the do-gooder Jedis (no one is perfect, after all), but they wish that they could follow the path less traveled. Just for a while, just enough to make that change that they need in their lives.

I have followed the path of Darth a few times in my life. With a couple of notable exceptions, it has always led me to a better place.

I am setting off on it again as I write these very words.


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