Will The Website Replace the Phone as the Recruiter’s Weapon of Choice?

In any revolution there are three roles - you can participate, observe or be oblivious.

Depending on the bell curve of the revolution, the ratio of observers to participants will swing as people gain more certainty in its direction. Early movers often gain an advantage, while late movers often limit the risks. Both positions are easily understood.

Then there are those who haven’t got a clue about what is going on.

They are not only in denial; they simply don’t get it.

The moment that some people see an article about AI, they dismiss it as futuristic mumbo-jumbo. When the latest TEDx talk pops up about chatbots revolutionising customer service, they mutter about how they would never be comfortable talking to a robot. Some people are still even skeptical about the benefits of an active social media strategy....

If you are oblivious to how technology is changing recruitment, please stop reading now. Please go and ignore the writing on the wall somewhere else. You aren’t going to like what I am going to say next.

The phone is currently a recruiter’s weapon of choice.

But change is coming.

Websites are going to become much (much) more important in the recruitment experience of both candidates and clients.

With the plethora of technological solutions that are hitting the recruitment industry, a recruiter’s website will become a hub for all of their activity.

While fame-hungry recruiters chase easy views on LinkedIn updates, or pay through the nose for a few fleeting engagements on Facebook, the savvy amongst their peers are working on a strategy that puts their website at the centre of their marketing world.

Any technology that recruiters utilise will be accessed from their website - it will save them time and provide them with insights that they never thought possible.

Their website should be the home for their stories - in a world where recruiters need to be more “human” than ever, authentic content is crucial to let people (and AI) discover more about them.

Websites have always been a place to post the most recent jobs - and they will eventually become an information hub where employers and candidates are able to learn more about each other.

There are plenty of great recruitment websites out there, and many of them will adapt and evolve as various pieces of technology are adopted. For me, the marketing goal of any recruiter should be simple:

When a candidate starts thinking about looking for a job, or when a client has a requirement for a role, their next step should be a simple one. They know where they will find all the information, advice and support that they will need.

Their engagements on your website will make the "real" conversations even richer.


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