Recruitment Marketing Will Move From Push to Pull

Making a poor recruitment decision hits a company’s bottom line hard.

Not every employee will turn out to be a star, but when a scarily high proportion of your new hires are leaving within their first year, you know that you have to up your recruitment game.

Your current recruitment partners may have grown a little complacent.

It is time for a change. But how do you choose a new partner?

Happily, the UK recruitment market is at an incredibly dynamic point in its life cycle. Technology and social media have advanced to the point where the big boys are losing the advantages of scale. Niche players with a service-first mind set are flourishing, and there has never been so much choice.

You might think that this is a good thing, but with most recruitment websites regurgitating the same old platitudes, very few recruiters differentiate themselves from the crowd. In the ultimate people industry, clients want to get to know the personalities behind the corporate image. They might glimpse brief flashes on their social media timelines, but the picture is far from complete.

Recruiters understand the value of these “hit and miss” insights, so most are active on social media to some extent. They want their personality to come across in their comments, or maybe they want to showcase their values with what they share. This “push mechanism” does move the needle, but something far more powerful is coming.

Recruitment marketing will be about the “pull” as well as the “push.”

It won’t change entirely. People will always be blasting out their thoughts into the HR stratosphere in the hope that someone is listening, but there will soon be more powerful forces at work. These will be forces that will allow recruitment clients to pull information about a potential recruitment partner themselves.

My LI connections are probably already a little sick about my recent obsession with AI and how technology will impact the future of marketing, but as someone with the experience of ghostwriting blogs for the past five years, the future trajectory is clear….

As the volume of content increases, there is only one solution for the innovators within the marketing industry. They have to invent ways for clients to “pull” the type of content that they want to read from the people that they want to hear from. Whether you call it AI or not, there will be some sort of content “discovery engine,” and people will be able to get to know their potential partners intimately.

This is why the savvy service providers are continuing to invest heavily in content.

They know that, one day, a potential client will be typing their name into the “Google for Content.” The results that this produces will be infinitely more informative than any website ever could be. The aggregated content will tell a story, and that story will help to inform the choices of their clients.

They will win business tomorrow from the content that they have written today.

If you are not producing regular content to be “pulled,” you may as well be invisible.


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