Recruitment Content has a NEW Reason to Exist

Far from every recruiter has jumped onto the content marketing train. Those who joined in the early stages are enjoying gradual, incremental growth of their audiences, but many have suffered as social networks have suffocated their organic reach.

They have dismissed content as just another passing fad.

That is a big mistake.

In actual fact, we are nowhere near “peak content.”

When people understand the impact of what I am about to say, they will put original (blog) content right at the top of their marketing priorities for 2018/2019.

Recruiters (and all other service providers) are rightfully concerned that their content simply isn’t reaching their audiences. If you publish more often, you will reach more people, but you risk alienating your core readership. So, you limit what you want to say and drip-feed the few people who actually do want to hear from you regularly.

For a recruiter who needs to be front of mind whenever a hiring manger has a new role, publishing once every few weeks is a hit-and-miss existence. They push the content out there in the hope that someone, somewhere will be listening. This does work to an extent, and it is what has kept me in business as a content ghostwriter over the past five years, but there is a monumental change on the horizon.

The dynamics in B2B marketing are shifting from push to pull.

The danger comes when you do not have anything to be pulled.

You have to produce content that lives somewhere.

I am writing a lot about the role of A.I. in content discovery at the moment. I am not going to stop writing about it, because it is the most important change in the marketing space in recent memory.

Marketing has always been about seeking out an audience with relevant content. The title and the image have to entice the reader to click, and you hope that the content will be interesting enough for them to share with other people. Click-bait reigns and you find yourself writing material that is share-worthy rather than what you actually think. Going viral is the holy grail of such marketing.

In the near future, this is going to be turned on its head. Shares won’t matter anymore. Attractive images won’t matter anymore. Titles won’t even matter that much. The only thing that will matter will be your message, and you won’t need to do anything to “push” it out to the right audience.

If your message is relevant to them, your audience will find you.

A.I. will help readers to pull exactly the sort of content that they want to read. It will analyse millions of blogs every second and work out exactly whose blogs are worthy of a read. It will also be able to draw some pretty incredible conclusions about individuals and employers alike.

A.I. will be able to slice and dice your recruiter and employer brands in milliseconds.

What will it think about you?

Of course, for this to be effective, you have to work out exactly what you want to say, and then write about it. A lot. You could continue to avoid throwing your hat in the content ring, but as more and more of your competitors realise the benefits of finding and sharing their voice, you will be forced to do so eventually. Why let them steal a march on your territory?

Recruiters are becoming ever more niche in their specialisations. The gig economy is meaning that individuals are succeeding like never before. Most of them attribute their success to effective marketing. Bigger operations are losing out because the small guys are simply better at making themselves heard.

Clients need to get to know potential recruitment partners, and this new “pull” dynamic for content will allow them to identify exactly what they are all about.

This is powerful sh*t.

Think about it for a while.

A.I. can’t pull something that isn’t there.