Nurture Your Talent Pipeline

Do you have a pipeline of potential talent that you would like to keep in touch with every month?

Might there be that one magic hire who is “on your system,” but who could feel a little unloved if approached out of the blue?

Do you believe in soft networking with people who want to get a feel for your employer brand?

When someone agrees to be part of a talent pool, they expect something in return other than the potential of (maybe) joining your wonderful business one day. They don’t want to be inundated, but research has shown that a monthly reminder of how special they are is enough to keep them feeling warm and fuzzy about you. You have to nurture their loyalties gently.

That is, if the content that you share hits that spot….

This is where so many talent pipelines fail.

A talent pipeline that is not nurtured properly becomes a talent cesspool.

I have been ghostwriting articles, blogs and whitepapers for HR Directors and Recruitment MDs for the past six years, and as in-house recruitment continues on its inevitable march, the issue of keeping a precious talent pool engaged is firmly on the agenda.

I create monthly “thought-leadership” pieces of 1200 words that my clients then send to their talent pipeline. I discuss the topics in depth with my HR Director clients – each one is specifically designed to evoke a certain feeling about the employer brand. Potential employers need to be remembered for the right reasons.

I charge £480 per piece on a quarterly rolling agreement, so do get in touch if this sounds worth a chat: