Not Hiring Is No Excuse to Neglect Your Talent Pool

In the age of influence on social media, employer brands risk fading into obscurity if they stop communicating with their respective talent pools.

That is, if they had ever done it at all.

At a time when employment is (happily) nearing record levels, final decisions often lie with the scarce alpha candidates. Any employer worth their salt needs to deploy every possible tactic to influence the top people in their direction. In a world where two potential jobs of equal interest are being weighed up, their perception of an employer’s brand may well tip the scales.

That perception might take years of drip-drip communication to ease its way into a candidate’s subconscious, but when it is being gradually reinforced (through good hiring times and bad), it is hard for any candidate to ignore.

Gently nurturing your candidate pipeline is a vital to ensure that an employer has that (potentially) critical advantage when decision time comes along.

So why do employers only turn on the content taps when they are gearing up to hire?

It is one thing identifying who should be in your candidate pool, but if you don’t communicate with them in a semi-regular and engaging way, the pool will go stagnant.

Maybe it comes down to the perceived return on investment. If you are not hiring, why should you bother nurturing your talent pool? They aren’t going anywhere, surely. When the time comes, if they are interested enough in the role they will come along for an interview?

Well, if they don’t feel an affinity for your brand, even an exploratory chat isn’t guaranteed.

“Now wait a minute Paul, just back up for a bit. Surely you are just scaremongering to promote your content writing?”

Well, that might be the case to a small extent, but if you are resisting my unapologetically blatant sales pitch, maybe you should be asking yourself why.

Are you really sure that you are giving your potential future superstars enough of a chance to fall in love with you? Before they even think about working for you?

Is your candidate pipeline sufficiently nurtured? Or is it neglected?