A Lesson in Snow and Recruitment Marketing

I am sitting here watching a few scattered snowflakes fall outside.

It is captivating.

The snowflakes are not so much falling, rather drifting on the lightest of breezes. Every now and again, one will catch my eye. I follow its dance to the ground, where it slowly melts. It isn’t cold enough, and there isn’t enough snow for it to stick around for long.

That is a pity, but I know that another will follow soon.

They have been falling for a long time before they come into view, somehow making their way to me. Out of the millions, these ones are falling outside my window. They are a little gift of inspiration, and I am happy to spend a few minutes in empty contemplation.

I never tire of watching snowflakes drift on the wind like this.

It takes me to a different place.

As I sat down to write this morning, it struck me that a blog (or any piece of content) is like a captivating little snowflake.

This blog might float around on the LinkedIn breeze, noticed by those who know me and those who may have read my blogs before.

The title makes you want to read more, the image fuels your imagination, and as you read, you follow its journey to the ground.

You stop reading and move on to something else, but the snowflake is still there at the back of your mind. It hasn’t melted just yet.

Just one snowflake. Just one blog.

Both of them can make an imperceptible (and gently positive) difference to your life.

If you decide to follow their path, that is.

When you have a (potential) audience of thousands of candidates and clients, you can be sure that many of them would welcome a spark of inspiration amidst their daily grind. If a certain special “snowflake” drifts their way every week, you can be sure that they will follow it. They will follow you.

Don’t overwhelm people with your content. If all they can see is white, then nothing seems special anymore. On the other hand, if you refrain from creating anything entirely, then your brand will be an inspiration-free zone.

Greg Savage preaches that “Recruitment IS Marketing.” He understands the power of a snowflake falling in front of the right audience.

I am incredibly grateful for that brief flurry of snow this morning.

It is a fleeting pleasure. It might not linger (certainly not in England), but the beauty of a falling snowflake lives long in the memory.

Being human has never been more important in recruitment – sharing memorable content is a way to linger that bit longer in the consciousness of your clients and candidates.

Do you believe in the power of a snowflake?