Why HR Needs to Take A.I. Seriously in 2018

What is your company all about?

Who works there? What makes them tick? How do they do what they do? What is that secret sauce that makes working together so enjoyable?

All these nuances are what make your company culture so delightfully (yet indescribably) amazing. Most of you know that you love working there, but you can’t quite put your finger on why. Adjectives might be carefully selected for company websites and marketing mission statements, but they never do that feeling justice.

That feeling of “this is us.”

Defining that feeling as closely as possible is important for so many reasons. When you understand what makes you awesome, you can do more of it. More customers will buy from you, more clients will work with you, and you will attract the brightest and the best to continue your journey. Oh, and not many of your people will leave either.

Surely this is the dream of any HR professional….

To put your finger on the pulse of your organisation and to nurture it so that it not only survives, but thrives. This is no simple task.

I ghostwrite “people” content for a living. An increasing number of my clients are HR Directors who want to project their professional and company brands to an online audience. I chat to my clients about each blog, and at the middle of every conversation lies the same thread…. what are you and your company all about?

They often have problems putting this into words, and it is only after a good few conversations that I begin to understand it for myself. People have always defied description, yet there is something on the horizon that will radically change our ability to slice and dice the human condition.

A.I. will get to our very core like no psychologist ever could.

I have written over 200 personal blogs over the past couple of years. As I have mused previously, A.I. will soon be able to analyse my writing and summarise me far better than if any individual reader had read each blog 1000 times each.

Now, just imagine that multiplied by every individual in your company. If everyone wrote a brief note detailing their thoughts at the end of every day, imagine how much insight that might provide for their managers and their peers. It is a bit scary, but it is coming, and you might as well use it for good rather than ill. Or, you could ignore it altogether and carry on as normal (while your competitors are streaking ahead).

HR will have to be at the forefront of this movement. Sharing our lives online seems like it has been around for a while, but actually, we are still at the beginning of the change curve. If those around us understand us better, our relationships will take a quantum leap forward. Sharing ourselves online will start the process, and when A.I. technology matures to the point when it can understand our ramblings, its conclusions will open eyes and warm hearts.

The more we share, the better people will understand us. Yes, the current noise online might be impossible to break through, but soon that won’t matter. A.I. will tell the world about what makes us tick – and it will tell the same tale for entire company cultures.

That is why A.I. matters for HR, and that is why HR has to take charge of the narrative.

What are you saying online?

Nothing much?

Well, maybe it is time that you started taking social and A.I. it a bit more seriously.