Here’s Why AI Could Kill Recruitment PSLs

Getting on a recruitment PSL is often tough.

You have to demonstrate (and maintain) levels of service that put you head and shoulders above your competition. This is a process that often favours the bigger operators, and no matter how effective some of the smaller players might be, they often don’t get a look in.

If you are not on the PSL, you may as well not exist.

This isn’t to say that it is impossible for the more niche firms to develop direct relationships with hiring managers in certain specialist functions, but the cumbersome process of “going through HR” often makes it difficult for hiring managers to find the very best partners for their recruitment needs.

I suppose that it is understandable – hiring managers simply don’t know who to trust.

Now, this is where the future gets exciting for the growing army of niche recruiters out there who are doing an awesome job, but can’t quite build those direct relationships with hiring managers at the bigger companies (where the real action is).

I believe that AI has the potential to work out “who is doing what” in any given market space. It could give hiring managers a detailed picture about which recruiters are best suited for their needs.

For that to happen, we need to imagine a future where recruitment comes out of the shadows. It may well do it for its own good.

It is not hard to use a service like LinkedIn to work out who has moved where and when. However, if you add in detail about which recruiters facilitated each move (this wouldn’t be so hard to do), and a reference from each candidate and client, then any potential hiring manager has an incredibly powerful resource at their disposal. AI would slice and dice this data in a millisecond.

The best recruiters should be proud of whom they place; and at some future point, they may well start to be more “open” about this online. In the name of competition, their rivals may follow suit.

A uniquely transparent picture of the recruitment market could emerge.

Of course, this is all fairly wild conjecture, but I can see a world in which AI will be taking a deep dive into the dealings of any service provider in order to better inform the decisions of the company purchasing the service.

I have been banging on about the importance of “evergreen” recruitment brand content for a few years now. If you are not doing that already, then you are seriously behind the curve.

However, AI will be doing far more than simply reading your blogs.

It could tell potential paying customers exactly what they will be paying for, and whom they should trust to do the best job.