Everyone is Writing About Recruitment (Except Recruiters)

A day does not go by without a recruitment-led LinkedIn update by Brigette Hyacinth, Oleg Vishnepolsky, or some other viral superstar.

They know that LinkedIn is (primarily) where professionals set out their stall to secure their next role, so most of the non-B2B crowd are therefore interested in job search content.

I am not going to knock the tactics (and wisdom) of Bridgette and Oleg, but the simple fact is that they have not worked in recruitment. They may have recruited a few people in their time, which certainly gives them a smattering of knowledge, but they do not live and breathe the realities of the industry every day.

Hence many of the insights are somewhat clichéd.

Unfortunately, there are many people who seek to imitate (and sometimes even directly copy) their style, and LinkedIn ends up with a mass of generic “smile at your interviewer if you want the job” type advice.

I mean, come on, seriously?

The people who are genuinely qualified to comment are the recruiters themselves.

And only a few of them are taking the time to do so.

Now, I know that there is a certain irony here in that I ghostwrite blogs for recruiters (who have things to say, but no time to write them down). However, I myself worked in recruitment for five years, so I have a feel for what I am writing about.

I believe that as people become ever more active on social media, credibility considerations will play a bigger role in an audience’s perception of the message. How can someone who hasn’t worked in recruitment give genuinely heartfelt and authentic advice on the subject? I don’t believe that they can. The best they can do is repeat the hackneyed half-truths of others, but those truths can never really be their truth. “I think this. Bla, bla, bla.”

Where are the people with a bit of substance when you need them?

So, recruiters…. Step up, be honest and don’t be worried about peddling these inane viral memes. If you write what you think really matters, then you will gain an appreciative following. That, over time, will cater for all your marketing needs.

But you first have to share your experience. The types of experience that only a recruiter can share. That is what job seekers really want to read.