Don’t Be Scared of Sharing Half-Baked Ideas

Most things in life are a work in progress.

Especially if we are working them out for ourselves.

I’m not sure about you, but for a long period of my childhood and early adulthood, I cared deeply what people thought of me. It is useful to consider the impact of your words and actions, but if your actions are overly influenced by the opinions of those around you, they will never truly be your own.

I cared too much about the opinions of sheep.

I have never lacked imagination or creative ideas, but a deep insecurity lurked within. I didn’t want to be the one to stick my hand up and be the one to suggest something new, even if I was relatively confident that it would work. An internal dialogue got me to a certain point, but too often my fear of rejection would get in the way. What if people pick holes in my arguments? Would they ever listen to me again? Do I believe in my ideas enough to risk potential conflict?

Too often I didn’t think that my ideas were good enough. I kept quiet.

Then I went to work on a retail start-up in Russia with my employer.

In the white heat of creativity that the start-up demanded, I quickly realised that ideas do not come into this world fully formed. There is a moment of conception, but they require the tough love and gentle nurturing of other minds if they are to reach their potential. Every idea is a half-baked idea until it has been shared with someone else.

This process of honing ideas (and feelings) into something more is the very essence of human relationships. When we share our thoughts and feelings with others, we are giving them a chance to give back to us and make our life that bit more meaningful. If you are happy to “give” to others in this way, you can make their ideas, their lives and even their hearts that little bit less half-baked.

I suppose that is why I love writing so much. The words tumble from my mind onto the screen, but I do not have any set idea about how I wish them to be perceived. Every blog that I write is utterly half-baked, but when someone reads it, they interpret it in their own way and impart their own unique meaning to the message, hopefully making an imperceptible but incremental difference to their day.

For the past two minutes, we have been baking together. Hey, I know that the bake isn’t perfect, but I am not scared of throwing these ideas out there.

As you read these words, you are giving my life that little bit more meaning.

Thank you.


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