Confessions of a Ghostwriter – Loneliness

I want to hug certain clients sometimes. You know who you are.

As I seek to spend the maximum amount of time possible with my family, I have adopted a policy of not venturing out to meet my clients. Getting to know people over the phone is perfectly possible, and making copious notes is easy when you don’t have to deal with the social niceties of face-to-face conversation.

This does make for a rather lonely existence.

Admittedly, I quite enjoy my own company. However, every now and again, when the day has not quite gone as planned, I do welcome these friendly chats. Okay, I’ll be honest, I don’t just welcome them, I need them.

I sense that my clients need them too.

Having an outlet for emotions (or in my case being fed with emotions) is a crucial mechanism for regulating our mental health.

My CEO, MD and HR Director clients are overwhelmed by emotions from every corner all day, so talking to me about the things that trouble them acts like a release. I translate their thoughts into a piece of writing, helping to process further, and they release them into the world, completing the cathartic loop.

However, I suspect that I get more from these 15-minute chats than my clients do.

Even though I have many introvert-like tendencies, I need a source of external emotional fuel to retain a sense of balance. Being a sounding board for my clients not only helps them to refine their thinking, it also gives me an endless source of inspiration. For me, ghostwriting is far more about the journey than the final piece of writing. If you had one thing to say to the world, what would you say? That is the question, and the thinking that accompanies it is worth far more than the eventual answer.

That is why I enjoy talking with my clients so much, and it is what makes my seemingly lonely writer’s existence so much richer.

The clients who have been with me the longest don’t care about views and engagement anymore. That is, of course, important, but they value the chance to share their emotions with an impartial and caring listener that much more. If anyone asks me about what I enjoy most about my job, it isn’t the physical act of writing the blogs or their subsequent reception. I just love picking the brains of my amazingly successful clients, making my inner world that little bit richer with every chat.

It could be that I actually have one of the least lonely careers. I am truly blessed to play a meaningful role in the lives of my clients. They give to me, and I give back to them.