CEO Thought Leadership

A CEO is used to having an impact on those around them.

In the real world.

However, in the social media sphere, too many CEOs are conspicuous by their absence. While their employees are working their socials hard to win new business and build their own personal brands, their bosses steer clear.

They are not aware that the real world is increasingly listening.

There are a few CEOs (typically with 100+ employees) who understand the power of sharing their experiences. They ask their people to amplify their message (this is important), and they write about their difference.

With so much content swirling around, credibility is key.

I ghostwrite longer “thought leadership” content for CEOs from all industries. I am trusted by entrepreneurial “rich listers” and corporate heavyweights to share their thoughts.

I charge £150 per 500 words, with content typically ranging from 1000-2000 words in length. I work on a rolling £3,000 retainer. 

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