#10wordsaboutme for B2B Leaders

On social media there is a constant struggle for visibility.

It is vital for B2B leaders to cultivate an authentic presence on social, but their attempts are often sadly irregular and fleeting. In my six years of ghostwriting content for Recruitment MDs, probably only 3% of the market manage it with any consistent success.

The other 97% give up. This is a fact.

You have to have deep pockets and a passion for everything social if you are to succeed.

However, if you work in any kind of service industry, and are part of that 97% who don't get social, all is not lost.

May I ask you a few questions?

Q: Where do people go when they want to check you out?

A: Your LinkedIn profile.

Q: How many people find their eyes settling on at your email signature?

A: The majority of recipients.

Q: Who out there would benefit from finding out more about what makes you tick?

A: Most people are curious.

Q: How many people think that they will get value from reading a list?

A: Lots. Our brains lap it up.

With my six years of social media ghostwriting experience (and having written over 100 personal blogs myself, collecting 42,000 followers in the process), I know a bit about the importance of showcasing your personality on social media. If someone has even the remotest interest in working with you, they will read anything that might hint at what you are like.

Therefore, as an antidote to the constant stream of content that the social media players continue to pump out, I would suggest that if you are going to do just one thing on social media (that will have a continuous impact on your personal brand), then it should be this:

Work with me to write your own personal #10wordsaboutme

The idea is very simple. We choose ten words that best represent you, and I write a 150-word summary of each one.

If written well enough, this can give a window onto your soul.

In the B2B industry, I hope that you will agree this is pretty important.

You publish the #10wordsaboutme on LinkedIn and it sits in a premium place at the top of your profile page. You add a link to the piece at the bottom of your email strip. You ask everyone that you ever meet to read it and share it with their networks. You use it as the most important piece of marketing collateral that you have.

If people want to do business with you, they will be interested in reading it. Just to prove my point, you can read my #10wordsaboutme here.  If you were thinking about working with me, why would you not read it?


I charge £750 for each 1500-word piece and would be happy to give more details: paul@pauldrury.co.uk