Hi there, I’m Paul. I am a writer.

Maybe you might like me to write for you? I hope so.

I spend my time searching for words that make people feel something. They are imperfect tools for this purpose, and it certainly isn’t easy, but I try my best. I do it for the thrill of the chase.

In 2012, when content marketing took off on social media, I started ghostwriting articles for Recruiters and HR Directors and CEOs. I also found that people enjoyed reading some of my more personal stories, and by the time I had stopped writing for myself on LinkedIn (in 2017) I had attracted an astonishing 42,000 followers. Check out my LinkedIn profile here.

Fast forward to 2018, and my writing has developed into three distinct directions:

— I ghostwrite blogs, white papers and speeches for Recruitment MDs.

— I write daily HR content bundles (50% off) – clients read before they buy

— I compose monthly people-led pieces to nurture talent pipelines.

If you are interested in maybe working together, please get in touch: paul@pauldrury.co.uk

Here are my personal #10wordsaboutme if you want to find out a bit more: